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Maree King came to her calling later in life after following other paths.

After her career in finance and the corporate sector, Maree found herself

denying her natural yearning to working and healing with crystals.

Maree always had a strong spiritual bent as well as a creative side which

came through in various artistic pursuits including needlework, tapestries, dress making,

mosaic art and jewellery design.

However her career was always much more based in the corporate world.

Maree remembers being given her first crystal by her mother who was fond of crystals.

This first crystal awakened the thirst for knowledge and strong attraction to crystals

that she has always felt from a young age.

Some eight years ago Maree was diagnosed with breast cancer. She received treatment

and is now cancer free, however the experience deepened her spirituality and her

connection to crystal healing.

Maree now actively supports the Breast Cancer Network Australia through her website and sees it as her task as a survivor to help raise awareness

of the need for research and treatment for all cancers.

Maree lives in Brisbane and has three grown up children. Her life focus is positivity,

healing people and helping others to find peace, happiness and balance in their lives

through their use of understanding crystals.

Maree believes strongly that crystals should be affordable and accessible to everyone and

uses a no nonsense approach in educating people on ways to use crystals in their day to day lives.

Maree designs bespoke crystal jewellery to meet her clients therapeutic needs.


Xanadu Crystals

help support the National Breast Cancer foundation, 10% of sales are donated to